Consumer Debt Defense

Credit Card Debt Lawsuit Defense

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Consumer Debt Defense

Are you being sued by a credit card company or debt collector?


The time to file an answer in Texas is limited.  Speak to an attorney as soon as you can.  If a default judgment has already been entered against you, you may still have options.  Call the Wu Law Office for a free 20 minute consultation.  Stanley Wu has experience defending debt collection lawsuits and will fight for you.


Our Flat Fee Rate

Our flat fee is determined based on the amount of the lawsuit.

Amount of the Lawsuit Debt:

Flat Fee:

Less than $1,000.00
























Over $30,000.01

Call for Pricing

We have flexible payment plans available to work with your budget.

Note: This rate does not include appeals or arbitration.

¹: Flat fee rates below $500 do not include trial. An additional fee of $100 may be required for our trial appearance if the case is not resolved before then.